April 14, 2009

Morning Kiddos,

Vintage Chai has moved and the name has changed.  We are now hosting our blog at home!  Please visit us from now on at WWW.MURAIVINTAGE.COM/BLOG.  Thank you!!! 🙂

Peace, Love, & Vintage



Rain, Rain, Go Away…I wanna go outside and play!

April 3, 2009

Bonsoir Sweeties!

So it was literally pitch dark outside and 9:30 in the AM! It was dark all day then the sun came out when it was practically night time…what the deuces? haha.  Anywho, last week I posted a link to a little facebook album that had a few new items …for those of you who were too lazy to go check it out, here are a few of my personal faves in the specs department:

For the LADIES….. We have a fierce pair of black sunglasses with a thick gold band across the top.  I call them Black Broadbands….fast like high speed internet baby!  Underneath those are a classic pair of black frames with clear (nonprescription) lenses.  Absolutely adorable.

Gold BroadbandsTeacher Frames

For the GENTS… We have a pair of mean Marble Aviators.  These babies are classic.  The hubby has been trying to steal them so you fellas better act swiftly! 😉  Below the Aviators are a pair of Tortoise Wayfarers…two words “Risky Business” baby.

Marble Aviator ClassicsTortoise Wayfarers

Also, I took a few snapshots of some skirts.  It has been gloomy all week so I haven’t been able to go outside for photos 😦  These skirts are adorable nonetheless and are in GREAT condition.

Floral Print Skirt. Side Waist Button. Gorgeous Drape. Pink Pencil Skirt. I call her No.2. Boho Skirt. Buttons down the side.

May FlowersPink No.2Boho Buttons

Again, these are just a few of my faves…(that might mysteriously end up disappearing off the racks, lol).  I have much more in stock including new skirts, men’s shirts,  and ladies shoes….stay tuned all of these items will be posted very soon!

OH! and the photo shoot has be slated for late April or early May—> EXCITED! 😀

Peace, Love, & Vintage


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New Eyewear & Accessories.

April 1, 2009

I have posted a few flicks of some new shades I recently got in as well as a couple pair of shoes and other accessories.  This is just a handful of the new items that will all soon be posted.  You can view the most recent photos HERE.

Till Later….



Mura-ndomness…get it? lol.

March 27, 2009

HI!!!!!!!!!! Did you miss me?  What?! Well, I missed you anyways 😉

I haven’t posted in a while so I decided to squeeze in a few random updates before March comes to an end.  Here’s what’s been happening in the city of Mai.

I made Ethiopian food! (Tibs, google it).  It was delicious.  The leftovers however…tasted like crap.  It’s still sitting in the fridge. 😦

Went to my favorite thrift store in a small town in between Corn Fields and Nowhere, VA and scored! woot!

Took London on his first out of town trip, he was ecstatic to meet the hubby’s family and spent the majority of the weekend terrorizing Brian’s mom, ahahahahaha! Oh how I love puppies. 🙂

Had a vanilla soy latte at the Starbuck’s in Adams Morgan where I used to study when I was in college.  The memory was nice.  The latte sucked.

Finally decided on a website for the spring…still working out the kinks, ugh. Check it out: www.muraivintage.com.

Picked up the TWITTER trend for a second try.  Honestly, I just don’t get it…but what the hey….here goes (again.) FOLLOW US:  www.twitter.com/muraivintage.

Got upgraded to a HUGE pimpin monitor at work (it’s the little things) and I decided to adorn my screen with this awesome vintage ad. LOVE this photo…..

noironingI gave up ironing his clothes and washing his dress shirts a long time ago.  TO THE CLEANERS I SAY!!!

I am currently entertaining the idea of a trunk show/sale.  Maybe in the late Spring/Early Summer.  Stay tuned…

Prepping for Eastern Market.  Get ready…

I added two new pages to the website: LookBook & Junk Drawer.  The lookbook will be a collection of vintage looks all styled by moi.  I am looking to get this photo shoot done asap.  A BOMB photographer has top bid on the job..check him out here—-> http://donbrodie.com.  More than likely this shoot will take place in NYC and soon. Interested in modeling?  Contact us at jobs@muraivintage.com.  As for the junk drawer it is exactly what it sounds like. This will be a collection of tidbits I find throughout the week that I would like to share with YOU! From photos, to links, to ads, there will even be coupons!  What’s a junk drawer without the coupons, really?  I will be throwing Murai.Vintage coupons in the drawer for anyone to redeem so make sure you check the drawer before you shop!

Had a few test shots with the hubby (currently doubling as the CFO and feature male model, teehee) and some new mens jackets I just got in.  It was fun.  A few of his shots are on FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/muraivintage/

That’s all folks…for now that is.  I will be working overtime with no distractions this weekend.  So new items will definitely be posted.  I have a ton of new stuff in…women’s shoes, skirts, and jewelry, some really nice men’s shirts, and eyewear for both the ladies AND the fellas.

And of course I will update here as SOON as these items are posted so as they say on the radio…KEEP IT LOCKED.

Peace, Love, & Vintage…Mai.


The Steam Train Departs…

February 28, 2009

Hey there Kiddos,

So I got a few pieces started.  I’ve finished two necklaces and a pair of earrings are almost done.  I feel like they are missing something so I am waiting for something fabulous to HIT me ;-).  I’ll let you know as soon as it does, lol.  So here are the first two necklaces.  They are already posted for sale in the shoppe so if you love one, don’t let it get away.  I will be working on more pieces this weekend and I will keep you posted….



Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace & Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace.

Time Piece2.Time Piece 3.

skeleton keySkeleton Key3.

Murai Weekend Scoop…

February 20, 2009

Hola Chicas and Papis!  Hope your week has been fierce and fashionable!  Now that the weekend is here, relax and chill out with a nice cup of hot vintage tea {yummy}.

I will be working serious overtime this weekend to bring you guys some new and fresh stuff and as always some oldies but goodies.  Here’s whats on Murai’s Weekend Agenda:

  • NEW ITEMS. I am still posting new items, check the shop daily as new stuff is constantly popping up.  Keep a look out for some more shades and frames, shoes, and also more pieces of clothing!
  • Boho Tent Dress

Red Frames

Tea Party Dress

  • STEAMPUNK. I have been festering over some ideas for new handmade jewelry and I have finally decided to experiment with some steampunk! For those of you who are not familiar with steampunk fashion, it is a style inspired by the 19th century and the Victorian Era.  The word “Steam” denotes the time period when steam power was very prevalent.  It’s basically science fiction and technology meet art, creativity, and style.  I am loving it right now and I have decided to indulge myself. I have some cool keys and time pieces that I’m going to get creative with and hopefully bring you some fierce pieces, so STAY TUNED.  I plan to have at least one piece done and posted sometime this weekend.  Be the first to own an original piece of steampunk wearable art from Murai!

steampunk fashion

  • NEW ADDITION. On my personal agenda is an awesome trip to the pet store!  Yes, there will be a new addition to the Murai Family.  He is an adorable yorkie maltese mix and we shall call him…”London Kensington.”  He will be featured in some upcoming photo shoots, so get to know his face.



We will soon be updating the website for the Spring season.  Some changes to note will be the reorganization of the shop sections in the online store.  We will be making the shop a bit more easy to navigate by making the sections more self explanatory.  Katie’s Closet and Lena’s Luxuries will be discontinued and replaced with more generic sections like “Shoes” and “Dresses”.  Of course the spirit of the collections will continue to live on in the Murai culture as they are the basis of my inspiration.  However, for customer experience and navigation purposes..they gotta go :(.  Mattie’s Handmades is still under review and might be replaced with another generic section or even our new section in the works called “Handmade by Mai.”  This is still under review so be sure to check the blog for more updates.

Clearly you can see there are a lot of exciting things going on in the shop.  There’s plenty of stuff up in the air and you never know where its going to fall! 😉  If you have any questions about anything,  feel free to drop us a line anytime.  You can use the contact form on the website at www.muraivintage.com/contact.html or email us at contact@muraivintage.com.

And as always, feel free to leave us a comment below.

Peace, Love, and Vintage



About Page Created….

February 11, 2009

OK, OK, I know I am a bit behind everyone, but fret not as I intend to get this blogging thing going asap.  Just to show you that I am serious…I have finally completed my about page! yay! Click the “About this Cup of Tea” tab at the top of the page to read more…

saledivaFor all of my awesome early blog supporters, visit my website at http://www.muraivintage.com, go to the contact form and enter the code “greentea” in the subject field and you will receive 25% off of your next purchase!

Stay tuned, many more updates are on the way as well as special offers to my dedicated blog followers!

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